The DIGITAL IMAGING GROUP (DIG) is an organization for active photographers who want to learn and stay current with all things related to the digital darkroom. We meet as a group once per month for presentations and demonstrations regarding digital image processing products and techniques, and to show prints and books created by members. DIG is not a traditional photography club in that we do not hold competitions and generally do not have image slideshows at our meetings. Our presentations are tutorial in nature and most are made by members of the group, although several times per year we invite outside professionals as featured speakers.

We also conduct smaller Special Interest Group sessions, sometimes several per month, to explore particular topics in more depth and often to join in a photography outing at a local venue.

Our website www.digmeeting.com is open to the public. However, we use a separate and private Internet service called MEETUP for ALL club communications and for announcing and conducting our Special Interest Groups. Our Meetup site is accessible only by DIG members – it is not a publicly accessible social media site.

As mentioned, our Meetup site is our primary channel for communicating about our activities. When a new DIG event is announced you will receive an email notice. There will be a link taking you to the Meetup site for a description of the event and details about the date, time, and location. You then have the opportunity to indicate that you will attend by clicking the RSVP button, and you will see a list of other DIG members who are attending. You will also receive email reminders one week and one day ahead of the event.

Joining our MEETUP is an option BUT to get the most out of our club, you are encouraged to join. The procedure for joining our Meetup is a two-step process and is spelled out on the DIG website under the menu tab “MEETUP”. Basically, you first join the Meetup Organization and then you look for our particular group and request membership. If you are already a MEETUP members, here is a link to our group. You will sign in with the same password you generated when you joined the Meetup Organization so be sure to remember it! www.meetup.com/Digital-Imaging-Group-DIG

Our monthly meetings are held in the auditorium at the Scottsdale Mustang Library, 10101 N. 90th street located in Scottsdale just east of the 101 Freeway and just south of Shea Blvd. The nominal date is the first Tuesday of each month from 9am until noon, but please check the website to confirm.


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